Fire Damage in Elk Grove

Fire Damage Elk Grove

Elk Grove Fire Damage

Fire is one of the most severe disasters that can strike your home and generate critical circumstances because the remaining chemicals and corrosive products cause more destruction to become permanent. Taking right and quick action to clean up fire damage will help to decrease losses once the fire has been put out and your home restored to the previous condition as quickly as possible.


Elk Grove Restoration fire damage restoration specialists are ready to respond to your fire emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our certified technicians within three hours of your call initiate the fire damage restoration process. Our restoration team is properly trained and will work with you during the entire project and help you to make the best decisions about the repair, restoration, and replacement of your property.

What we do and how we work!


When you hire us for fire damage restoration and cleanup services, our certified professional will go to the location and complete an inspection. They will decide about how much damage happened to your house and company due to fire, smoke, water, and chemicals. After the examination, we are capable of developing a strategy to clean and restore your property as soon as possible.

It is necessary to start fire damage restoration and cleaning services as quickly as possible because the longer you wait the worse the damage you will see.

Site Survey & Estimate

When you want proficient fire damage restoration services, our experts are here to assist you.  We will offer you a no-cost estimate to recognize the level of the damage, estimate the mandatory steps compulsory for restoration, and determine the cost and time required.

Overview of a Restoration Process

We will do all it requires to restore your property to its preexisting condition. Our restoration team will clear out the smoke, soot, and odors, wash surfaces and redecorating, fixing and altering areas of the structure, your house will look as good as different.

Odors clear out

The first thing our experts perform is to take a huge industrial fan to remove smoke and odors from the damaged area. Smoke elimination is an important task because it contains corrosive materials that cause damage to your home & electronics appliances, furniture, and surface. The fans also help to dry out walls and floors which may be affected by water.

Remove Residue

Our Fire damage restoration services team will clean soot from walls, ceilings, and floors. Metal surfaces will be covered with petroleum jelly to protect them from corrosion, remove the wet carpet to protect wooden floors from damaging and control mold growth. All walls, ceilings, and woodwork will be cleaned by using trisodium phosphate to remove soot.

Protect Unaffected Sections

If there are certain objects of your house and business such as furniture and other appliances which were undamaged our fire damage restoration team will remove them and place them into a storage place.

Don’t take chances after a traumatic event our Company cares about your family & belongings.